Monday, March 12, 2012

Growth and Bloom Forms of Roses

hybrid tea roses
Hybrid teas are bred to produce one showy rose per stem.
floribunda roses

Floribundas are low-growing bushes that bloom in sprays of small, usually decorative, blossoms.

grandiflora roses
Grandifloras are similar to floribundas, with sprays of blooms, but their blossoms are formed like hybrid teas.

miniature roses
Miniature roses are diminutive versions of other rose forms. Minis grow on their roots, so they have no bud unions.

climber roses
Climbers are distinguished by the way their bushes grow; they’re hybridized to sprawl, but must be trained to ramble where you want them.

standard roses
Standards, or tree roses, are bushes that bloom atop a length of rosewood that has no growth along its sides.

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